Indianapolis Air Conditioner Tune-ups

Regular maintenance from a certified technician is the very best way to keep your air conditioner running efficiently, avoiding high operating costs and frequent breakdowns. During your seasonal AC inspection from ARS® / Rescue Rooter® Indianapolis, we will:

  • inspect your air conditioner’s coolant levels and coolant pressure to ensure efficient operation.
  • calibrate your home’s thermostat and check that it is cycling the unit properly for greater home comfort and HVAC control.
  • check all electrical systems associated with your AC, including wiring, contacts, relays, capacitors, and outdoor disconnects for improved performance and safety.
  • inspect the condenser fan motor and blades, as well as lubricate this system if needed.
  • inspect the compressor and measure its amperage at startup.
  • check and clean the evaporator coil, condensate drain, and condenser.
  • perform extensive system safety and efficiency checks so you can rest assured your AC system is in top condition for cooling season.

You can request our seasonal AC tune-up service at your convenience, or sign up for one of our Home Service Plans for even greater savings and year-round comfort.