Professional Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Indianapolis

At ARS Indianapolis, we’ve provided our customers with high-level sewer line repair for years, because we stand by the principle of detail-oriented work at affordable rates. Our top-tier plumbers are well trained and experienced to ensure your connection to outside municipal sewer lines is functioning and clean. There is nothing worse than a backed up sewer; it can be hazardous and costs thousands of dollars in repair, especially if items or areas of your home are damaged. That’s why it’s always best to handle these issues before they get out of control. Contact us today for more information and for a thorough inspection and consultation.

Sewer line replacement services in Indianapolis

There are many different plumbing systems in your home working together to ensure you have clean water for use, and waste pipes leading to outside sewer lines. Each of these systems has an independent line connecting to outside systems, and when there’s blockage or damage to any part of the line, it can cause problems in other areas. If you’ve noticed a gurgling sound in your bathroom or kitchen drain, water backing up, or any type of water leakage in basements or other areas with exposed pipe, there might be an issue with how your plumbing system is connecting to the outside sewer line. At ARS Indianapolis, we follow a strict procedure for getting to the bottom of your sewer line repair.

  • A member of our team comes to your property for a thorough inspection.
  • We utilize next-generation video technology, which allows us to inspect the sewer line with a small camera to scope out blockages and more.
  • We snake out the line or repair an existing line if the problem is not widespread.
  • In the event of a bigger blockage or more widespread damage to your sewer line, we provide comprehensive sewer line replacement

Water line service

When people think of sewer line repair and replacement, they usually think about kitchen lines or waste lines coming from the bathroom. Your water lines are equally important, as they bring in water suitable for use and drinking from outside water lines. If you’ve noticed a change in pressure or sediment buildup in the water coming from your taps in your bathroom or kitchen, call ARS Indianapolis right away. A member of our experienced plumbing team can inspect your water lines and repair or replace any components efficiently and reliably.

Video sewer line repair and replacement

Video sewer inspections provide our technicians an incredible view into your sewer lines. Such technology has transformed the way we can repair and replace your plumbing infrastructure. The camera technology provides full access to your sewer lines in a way not possible in years past, thereby allowing us to serve you better. Keeping up with the latest technological advancements in sewer line repair is something we takes great pride in because our customers always come first: At ARS Indianapolis, we want nothing less than happy customers.

For quality sewer line repair and replacement, call (317) 390-5555 today!