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An efficient and reliable water heater is an everyday necessity for cooking, cleaning, and bathing. While storage tank water heaters are still the least expensive and most commonly-used type of water heating system, they are not necessarily the most effective or efficient. Tankless water heaters have become smart home investments because of their excellent longevity and amazing energy savings, as well as their everyday convenience in a variety of situations. If you’re preparing to select a new home water heater, it’s worth considering the benefits of tankless water heater installation to determine whether this choice might be the right move for your family.

Whole-Home Water Heater
The most common type of water heating system is a whole-home water heater. This is a single appliance that provides hot water for your entire home. If you are looking to replace your standard storage-type water heater with a tankless model, a whole-home tankless water heater is the appliance you’ll need to achieve the same type of function. Because tankless water heaters don’t maintain a storage reservoir of hot water, they are rated differently than other types of water heating systems. To choose the right tankless water heater for installation, you’ll need to select a product that can heat water to the appropriate temperature at a flow rate measured in gallons per minute. This flow rate will depend on the number of fixtures or appliances in your home that you think will need hot water at the same time. A lower flow rate is appropriate for homes that only need hot water from one to two fixtures at once; if you plan on needing a significant amount of hot water for several sources at the same time, you’ll want to choose a tankless water heater for installation that offers a higher flow rate to accommodate your needs.

Point-Of-Use Water Heater
If you are looking for ways to reduce the cost of a whole-home water heater, you have several options. Installing two smaller tankless water heaters in parallel can boost the capabilities of your whole-home water heating system; alternatively, you can install point-of-use tankless water heaters to provide dedicated hot water for rooms or appliances that demand a significant amount of hot water to reduce the demand on your whole-home system. Point-of-use tankless water heaters are smaller systems that are installed near the output where they are needed. These water heaters can provide hot water for just a single appliance, such as a dishwasher or washing machine, or a single room, such as a bathroom. Point-of-use tankless water heater installation is easy and convenient, reducing the strain on and energy requirements of your whole-home water heater so you can install a smaller, more efficient system without compromising on the amount of hot water you need for certain dedicated tasks.

Our goal is to make choosing and installing a new water heater in Indianapolis an easy and even enjoyable process. We can help you select exactly the right water heater for your needs, then schedule installation service to ensure your water heater will provide problem-free function throughout its expected lifetime. If you’d like more information about tankless water heater installation and how your home could benefit from this advanced water heating technology, please visit our website to take a look at our plumbing solutions and services. You can also find further information and tips on water heaters and other home plumbing features on our monthly blog.

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