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Mini-split HVAC systems deliver heating and cooling to one or more rooms without the need for internal ductwork. This feature allows these unique and convenient HVAC solutions to be installed in a variety of locations and at less cost that retrofitting your property with air ducts for central heating and cooling appliances. Whether you’re looking for a more convenient heating and cooling solution than room heaters and air conditioners or you’d like to add space conditioning to an area of your home not connected to your existing ductwork, a mini-split HVAC system could be the right solution for your needs.

They’re Versatile
Mini-split HVAC systems are some of the most versatile heating and cooling appliances on the market. These systems require no interior ductwork to deliver heating and cooling to multiple areas of your home, allowing you to install them in older homes, rental units, garages, work sheds, and many other locations. During installation, your HVAC service will simply need to drill a small hole to accommodate the cabling that carries refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor units of the mini-split system. Furthermore, because mini-split heat pump systems can provide both heating and cooling, you won’t need to worry about installing separate appliances to accommodate your comfort needs throughout the year.

They’re Efficient
Central HVAC systems rely on ducts to transport heated or cooled air throughout your home. If these ducts are long, poorly-insulated, or in poor condition, air can become lost as it travels through the ducts, resulting in energy losses that cause poor home comfort and high energy bills. Because mini-split HVAC systems don’t use ducts, they aren’t subject to the same type of efficiency losses, making them much more cost-effective to operate over the long term. Mini-split HVAC systems also incorporate HVAC zoning by design, a feature that can save even more energy and money by allowing you to heat and cool only the parts of your home that you are currently using, rather than conditioning empty rooms. Finally, mini-split heat pumps offer excellent efficiency because heat pump systems are inherently efficient HVAC solutions that move heat rather than generating or removing it.

They’re Convenient
Mini-split HVAC systems distribute heating and cooling via an air handler mounted inside each room you wish to heat or cool. Unlike air registers, which are typically installed in similar locations throughout a home, air handlers can be mounted anywhere you like in each room for the utmost in convenience and aesthetics. These air handlers can be activated and deactivated at the touch of a button or via remote control; many controls have functions that include timers, fan speed adjustment, and more. Today’s mini-split ductless systems can also deliver heating and cooling to multiple rooms via multiple air handlers, all of which connect to a single outdoor unit. This allows you to enjoy multi-room comfort via a single HVAC system, rather than forcing you to buy an HVAC appliance for each room you want to condition.

Our home heating and cooling experts serving Indianapolis are here to help you find the right HVAC solution for your home, including central forced-air appliances and mini-split HVAC systems. We’ll work with you to assess your needs, then provide fast professional installation and regular maintenance with additional benefits if you opt to enroll in one of our amazing home service plans. You can find out more about heating and air conditioning installation in Indianapolis on our website, where you’ll also find our entire blog library of heating and cooling articles and news.

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